“No Pressure = No Diamonds”


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                                          CONTACT MOOJOO CREATIVE WRITING

           Tel: 07812 790406  E#1: moojoo576@gmail.com  E#2: moojoo2@ntlworld.com 


                                                             LET’S GO TO WORK

Whatever you want to say about  your business, wherever it needs to go, no job is too small, too big, or too urgent for MooJoo Creative Writing.

I’m equally at home starting afresh with a blank sheet of paper, or refreshing, updating and expanding on existing copy – whether it’s for your website, social media, press, radio, brochures, newsletters…or just conjuring up a strapline that perfectly pins down what your business is all about.

                                                          FLEXIBLE & AFFORDABLE 

I’m a local business, so I’m able to offer high quality creative with fees to match smaller budgets too. I’m happy to work for you by the hour, day, or week – always on pre-agreed and all-inclusive terms that hold good all the way through to completion (providing your brief doesn’t change too much along the way).

                                                           SOMETHING ABOUT ME

Mike Johnson is MooJoo Creative Writing: a skilled, highly adaptable advertising and marketing copywriter, with over 30 years’ creative experience in just about every kind  of business you can mention.

Regularly working for regional creative agencies from Birmingham through Milton Keynes to Greater London, I write for a number of ‘famous name’  and specialist clients, (including currently a clutch of automotive, from cars and trucks to dealers, parts and incentives). I also enjoy working with smaller local businesses in and around my Dunstable home area.

Think you’ve unearthed a little gem in MooJoo? Then hopefully I’ll hear from you soon.




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