“No Pressure : No Diamonds”


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YOU CAN’T BEAT THE EXPERIENCE                      

I’m very fortunate. I run a long established business with a reputation for fresh, original  thinking, and copy that has a happy knack of getting great results. With a canny mix of  versatility and experience on my side, new and different businesses regularly pitch up at MooJoo to join my long standing clients in pursuit of sparkling creativity.

I don’t limit myself to any particular industry, sector, company size or even budget.       It’s a two-way process : if we both think we’ll work well together, then the chances are,   we will.


Every new job is unique, with its challenges and aspirations. It can take anything from    a couple of hours to a week or more to get it right. But from start to finish, it’ll be you choosing how much time I invest in your business: your budget, in your hands.

I believe in fair, straightforward, clear and transparent pricing, so I work to these   simple hourly, daily or weekly rates:

£45 per hour £275 per day £1000 per week (1+ day gratis).                                               Project & retained rates are on request and bespoke to every client, with an agreed fixed rate guaranteed  through to completion.


Simply tell me what you have in mind. Whether it’s establishing a new brand or your marketing messages need an update, refresh or a complete rewrite – we’ll talk it through and agree what’s best for you. Then I can start thinking about the words and ideas that will achieve your objectives – being careful to make your messages work equally well offline in the real world as they do online.


Whatever you want to say about your business, wherever it needs to go, I’m here to support you and help add to its success, both now and into the future.

What say we go to work?







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